After 22 years, we've decided to retire (and this was our decision, not the team's; the Argos were willing to have us back.) We wish the team nothing but success going forward and are grateful for 4 Grey Cup wins and a million amazing memories since we started. To the fans - thank you all. You kept us going. To the Saskathewan Rough Riders Pep Band - knock 'em dead. In the words of Johnny Burt and the music of Dal Richards - Pull Together 'til the Grey Cup's Won! Go Argos, Go Go Go!

Argonotes was the official band of the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League. We're a roughly 50 member all-volunteer pep band that plays before, during and after the Argo games, and we'd love to have you join us.

Special thanks to the Toronto Argonauts for letting us be a part of their game day!

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Our 22nd Season is now in the can featuring a whole new game day routine at BMO Field and topped by a lot of fun at the 104th Grey Cup. Thanks to all the fans who came by to say hello.

2013 was OK, but we forgot to write anything down about it.

2012 was our 18th season and a truly amazing season it was. The Argos won a nail biter of a home opener on July 7th, when we played on the field for the cheerleaders, videos and pictures are here. On July 16th we dropped in on Toronto's Breakfast Television, and here is the proof. We capped off the season by playing on the field after the Argos won the 100th Grey Cup. What more could a dedicated CFL band ask for?

Argonotes - just Argonotes, not The Argonotes, thank you very much - has been the official band of the Canadian Football League's Toronto Argonauts since away back in June of 1995. We think this makes us one of the oldest continually operating bands in the CFL,.

Our growing group of enthusiastic musicians rehearses once every few weeks (during the June-November CFL season) and performs at all the Argos home games at the BMO Field.

"We're not exactly a marching band - we're more of a matching band, given that we all wear the same Argos apparel" says Argonotes musical dictator Steve Hayman. "Anyone interested in harmonically cheering on the Argos is more than welcome to join the band. All we ask for is enthusiasm and at least a limited form of musical ability."

We play a variety of tunes that appeal to the wide range of members of our group. [The Bass Drum] Many of the band members are alumni of the various Waterloo, Queen's, Western, Toronto, Laurier, McGill and Princeton university bands and range from recent graduates to people who last played in the 1950's.
During the regular CFL season from June to November, Argonotes rehearses occasionally, tunes up as frequently as once per season, and performs at all home games, usually with an informal pre-game concert one hour before game time outside Gate 5 on the south side of the Skydome, and a few post-game selections outside Gate 2.

You can look at our Current Schedule or check out our expanding Image Gallery for a look at the band in action! You can even find out what we sound like.

Be sure to visit the web pages of our (until recently) CFL friends in the Baltimore Colts Band!