Things I learned on the 2004 Grey Cup Trip

by Douglas Facey (trumpet player extraordinaire)

  1. Just how many Argonotes can fit in a radio booth...
  2. Certain things shouldn't be inserted into a saxophone
  3. The front-running nickname for the new Atlantic CFL franchise is the "Halifax Explosions"
  4. The Lord blows my trumpet
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands up for the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band
  6. The Crown Plaza Hotel has low overhead - not recommended for cheerleader stunting
  7. Anyplace you go in Ottawa the Saskatchewan Pep Band has already been there
  8. Spirit Fingers
  9. Ottawa gets so cold that even mouthpieces turn blue
  10. I went to a hockey rink, and a football game broke out
  11. Avoid the Green ones--they're not ripe yet
  12. Don't touch the bubble machine
  13. One Argos Bounce is okay, but a rushing six-pack usually indicates a blitz...
  14. Green is the Football, Colour is the Game
  15. CFL fans are the friendliest people in the world
  16. Best Grey Cup trip ever! 

Don't worry if a few of the items make no sense, for some of them you just to be there.