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Listen to this in mp3, Real Audio, au or snd formats (470K), and Sing Along with Argonotes!
Official lame low-quality recording made at rehearsal, September 4 1996

Online Virtual Distributed Band Rehearsal

  1. Get out your trumpet.
  2. Here's your first trumpet part.
  3. Here's your songsheet.
  4. A one, and a two ...

At last, we have a fight song for the Argonauts worthy of the mighty CFL. We are deeply indebted to Damon Papadopoulos and Tony Daniels of Talk 640 Radio, who wrote this vivid anthem for an Argos commercial. Little did they know that we planned on immortalizing their effort both at the games, where you can join the Band in this tune after each Argonaut touchdown, and here on the Web, where thrilling music and (intentionally) lame, awkward yet still hauntingly beautiful and somehow totally appropriate lyrics will live forever.

Note that in 1997, following the tragic and hopefully temporary demise of the Ottawa Rough Riders, we reluctantly had to change Line 3 of this song; if you attend a game now, you'll hear us sing "Roughriders and no other Rough Riders". We look forward to restoring the original lyric in the future! With that hope in our hearts, we present the original, classic lyrics below.

Argo fans are requested to

  • stand;
  • face Skydome;
  • place their hands over something Double Blue;
  • join with the band in singing and spelling...

T! O! R! O! N! T! O!
A! R! G! O! N!A!U!T!S!

Real Audio au snd

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