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The Media Loves Argonotes

  • Mike Beamish of the Vancouver Sun in an article after the Lions edged the Argos 54-4 on August 24, 2000 wrote: "The most impressive thing about the Argos these days is their kickin' half-time band." Thanks, Mike! You mean us, right? Even though, technically, um, we don't actually play at half-time, but it was us you were talking about, eh? What? You were talking about the high-school band at half-time? Oh.

  • Dave Naylor
    , North America's greatest radio feature reporter, prepared a piece on the band that aired on National Public Radio's Only A Game as well as on the CBC, and around the world on Armed Forces Radio. Apparently all other possible sports stories have already been done.
  • Peter Kuitenbrouwer of the Financial Post, Canada's greatest magazine writer, wrote about Toronto's thrilling 27-1 victory over Saskatchewan in the FP on August 30, 1997, and mentioned the band thusly:

    ``Everybody's so complacent'', says [Saskatchewan fan Marty] Antaya, as the brass Argonotes band strikes up, trying to drum up a little enthusiasm."

    This marks what we believe to be the first appearance by the Band in a major financial publication. (Attention Report on Business reporters: give us a call.)

  • Talk 640 Radio's Bob Bratina, Canada's greatest living broadcaster, interviewed us for his Argo Bounce feature in July 1997. Thanks, Bob! (Bob doubles on the clarinet and we hope he'll join us for a rendition of the Clarinet Polka some time soon.)  Bob and play-by-play man Pete Martin have even been known to fill pre-game-show lulls with extensive interviews with and performances by the band, which proves you can put just about anything on radio, especially when it's Canadian content.
  • Bill Lawrence, Canada's greatest living TV weatherperson, graciously allowed a band which suddenly showed up out of nowhere, as if somehow they just happened to know a live television broadcast was about to take place, to appear in his on-the-street weather report on July 24, 1998 on CBLT-TV. We believe that the 10 seconds or so that CBLT showed of the band performing Argos Rule the CFL may be a new world record as the longest appearance by a CFL band on a weather-based television segment. This year, anyway. In the east division.
  • Josh Rubin, Canada's greatest living sportswriter, mentioned Argonotes and this web page in his SportsNet column in the Toronto Star, November 6, 1996. Alas, you can't find it on their site any more, but we saved a copy.
  • University of Waterloo Alumni Magazine, Winter 1996
  • Queen's Alumni Review, Summer 1995
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