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    ``You Argonotes are Awesome! Keep Playing!''
    Mike "Pinball" Clemons President and Head Coach of the Argonauts
    ``You guys are AWESOME!''
    a delegation from the Syracuse University Marching Band
    ``You guys rock!''
    Christina, one of our favorite members of Toronto Argonauts Dance Team
    ``Give me my microphone back, or I'll kill you.''
    Steve Paikin, host of TVOntario's Studio 2
    ``Da-da-da-da da da da! Apple Juice!''
    Hastily modified lyrics for Tequila when we found ourselves surrounded by kids in the family section.
    ``The somewhat musical side of the Canadian Football League.''
    Bill Littlefield of National Public Radio's Only a Game.
    ``Do you want me to shoot the trumpet players?''
    Peculiar offer from a cop at Skydome.
    ``How much do you suppose we have to pay that band not to rehearse?''
    Bill Littlefield, after hearing the band.
    ``You guys are great. Bring the band down, we'll put them on stage!''
    Tony Orlando. Yes, the Tony Orlando.
    ``Is it hot in here, or is it just me?''
    The CFL's sweatiest bandleader.
    ``It's just you, Steve.''
    The band.
    ``You guys rock! I look forward to seeing you at the games almost as much as Pinball himself!'
    Hockey Night in Canada producer, while carefully avoiding actually asking the band to appear on Hockey Night in Canada.
    ``I hereby declare November 18 to be Toronto Argonotes Day''
    Toronto Mayor Barbara Hall, at the 1997 Grey Cup Victory rally.  Really, she said this. Really. 
    ``Mind if we join you?''
    150 members of the Cornell University Big Red Band. (Thank goodness we'd brought, oh, maybe five extra music books.) 
    ``I already have horns in the band.''
    Doug Flutie, after we offered our services for the next album from the Flutie Brothers Band. (Come on Doug, wouldn't it sound great if you had thirty horns?)
    ``This has got to be the laziest band in Toronto.''
    Spectator watching us actually take a bus from Harbourfront to Skydome, a distance of maybe two blocks.
    ``C sharp is the same as C flat.''
    One of the people that we thought until recently was one of our better trumpet players.
    ``There's nothing like this in England!'' 
    English tourist who acccidentally stumbled across an Argonotes pre-game performance.
    ``Bienvenue Toronto Argonauts Notes'' 
    Montreal Olympic Stadium scoreboard message which we think was intended for us.
    ``It's too loud. It hurts my ears.'' 
    4-year-old son of the bandleader.
    ``What is this, Canadian reggae music?'' 
    Skydome beer vendor.
    ``No, you can't get into the Grey Cup for free.''
    Hamilton Grey Cup committee.
    ``You'll have to leave. Now.  You can't play in the lobby.  Even if it is Grey Cup weekend.'' 
    Security guard, Sheraton Hotel, Hamilton
    200,000 spectators, 1996 Grey Cup Parade, Hamilton.
    GR Y  UP  H  PS 
    Lettering on the bass drum by the end of the 1996 Grey Cup Victory Parade up Bay Street in Toronto.  Gerry was whacking it pretty hard, especially when the cameras were on him.  An E actually fell off live on CBC TV.  (QuickTime movie to come.)


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